Venus in LUST Pt 2.

Venus in Lust

Venus in Leo
"The dramatic Queen"
This sign is set to shine! Center stage and commanding all the attention this Venus prepares for the lover to adore and spoil them with everything they've got. Proud, boisterous and playful this glamorous Venus in Leo can give off intense sexual heat! When desiring to connect with another they set out to do things that are nothing but fun. Once that is accomplished and the lust unleashed this sign can be an "all over the body type of sensual expression" so catch your breath! It would behove the Venus in Leo to be mindful that the partner needs to have some attention paid to them and their sexual desires to create balance in sexual expression.

Sexual needs: Massages focusing on the back, wine, good food and laughter.

Venus in Virgo
"The Goddess of precision"
Venus in Virgo is a placement that can baffle many an astrologer. The archetype is called the "chaste maiden" and from my experience with women who have this placement, they are anything but chaste! Venus in Virgo is about precision and not unlike her sisters Taurus and Cancer she seeks to build relationships, this security is what unleashes her lust! She can be critical and exacting in what she wants and make no bones about it she can be down right hedonistic in the bed room.  Habits are in the realm of Venus in Virgo and keeping a routine may be a good thing and it can turn into one that is not so much of a good thing. It would behove Venus in Virgo to be clear about what they want and try to work in and out of routines to break any traces of boredom.

Sexual needs: Make sure cleanliness is apart of your sexual routine, Venus in Virgo loves soap and water before and after love making. Showering with your Venus in Virgo can make the lust factor rise exponentially.

Venus in Libra
" The Goddess of Love"
Venus in Libra makes for a very pleasing combination as Venus rules this sign and Taurus respectively. But in Libra the energies are played out mentally as Libra is an air sign. Poems, opera's, music, plays, paintings, eroticism are very nice!  After all this IS the Goddess of love! Here Venus in Libra likes gentle companionship and sensual gratification. Lust here is expressed beautifully without a hint of the primal! It would behove Venus in Libra to make sure the choice they make in a partner is really the one they want, as you tend to be about "two minds" and can't decide on which "one".

Sexual Needs: Beautiful partners, partners that are equal to Venus in Libra and watching sensual porn with partner

Venus in Scorpio
"The Vamp or Seductress"
This placement has intense and unstoppable lust and magnetic attraction! Venus in Scorpio can be intense in it's sexual expression and often times will seek to dominate, control and exert it's power over a lover in bed! (Sometimes in every area of the relationship) This is a very deep and primal form of sexual expression and relating. One which can leave a potential partner either running or hypnotized by the will of Venus in Scorpio. Don't be fooled by this natural display of lusty energy however, Venus in Scorpio plays for keeps and prefers long term relationships over lusty encounters with strangers. If you can handle the intensity of this very passionate and consuming placement, this sign will deliver all that it promises! It would behove the Venus in Scorpio to play "nice" when seeking partners, don't unleash all of that power in one meeting or they will surely run away. Try to "lighten" up your energy output so that your partner is intrigued, not paralyzed.

Sexual needs: Dominance, control, pain, primal expression, surrender


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