Venus in LUST Pt 1

*Keep in mind these are brief descriptions of Venus in lust via the signs. A chart reading covers much more!* Classes will be made available coming soon in 2013!~Moon Child

Venus in Aries
"The feminine Wild child"  
Venus in Aries can act out as the predator, here she is not ashamed or shy at going after what it is she wants. This can be a sexually active placement. Her appetite can be quickly whetted and satiated, because of this Venus in Aries can be known to move onto new partners without hesitation. This placement can expend a lot of energy and therefore be very intense in expression. Here an effort to pace desires are needed for any long term commitments to hold fast. Venus in Aries make sure that your lover knows you are interested in them so that jealousy doesn't set in with your passionate nature and tendency to flirt.

Sexual need: Mess up the hair, having the head massaged during sexual encounters. 

Venus in Taurus
"The Voluptuous woman" 
Not all women in this sign are voluptuous but they can exude a quality about them that seems full, centered and intoxicating. This placement tends to take things very slowly as to ensure that they are not making any rash choices. Venus in Taurus loves all things 5 senses and seeks to connect with a lover using all of them! Delightful foods, wines, satin sheets, earthy sex and lusty moans keep this lover here to stay and the partner coming back for more. Venus in Taurus can deceive anyone interested in her whiles as she seems quiet and calm on the surface, but for those to get a chance to get close, they will soon discover a lusty and vivacious creature whose sexual appetites are a force to be reckoned with. It would behove the Venus in Taurus to be clear about what you want when choosing a partner, that way you can make better choices in mates and sexual liaisons.

Sexual need: Touch, touch, touch. Sensuous massages either given or experienced. Nice scented oils are a must. 

 Venus in Gemini
"The Mental seductress" 
This is a highly mental sign, one that knows the art and skill of manipulation and seduction via words. Gentle persuasion is the gift used here and with Venus in Gemini there is no telling where the mind will lead you. Lusty literature, poems, eroticism are all in this domain.  Variety is definitely needed here as Venus in Gemini can get bored rather quickly with the same old routines. Venus in Gemini is a very engaging partner and seeks to have a partner that can match their skill in mental gymnastics.  It would behove the Venus in Gemini to have outside activities separate from the partner as to not over stimulate interaction and the relationship. 

Sexual need: Lots of hot and heavy talking during the act of love making. 

Venus in Cancer 
"The nurturing Mother Goddess" 
This Venus in Cancer shows it's lust through nurturing, clinging and romance, rather than blatant sexual excursion. This is a sign that likes to play for keeps and sustains it's energies via long term relationships. Not unlike Taurus this sign likes the tried and true. Lust is expressed when feelings of support, mutual love, and attraction are shown via the partner toward the Venus In Cancer. This sign is a shy sign and it can be slow in expressing how it truly feels until they are sure they won't be hurt. It would behove the Venus in Cancer to not over nurture a partner, find out what their needs are and use discernment and balance when giving that protective love you are so well known for.

Sexual need:  Strong emotional attachments and when engaged kisses to the ear lobes and attention on the yoni and tummy.



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