Seventh house relationships in astrology Pt. 1

Libra and the cosmic scales of BALANCE rule the 7th house

Relationships, love, marriage, business partners, hidden enemies this house in astrology provides you with a general picture of what you can expect in relationships. 

If any planets or connections occur to this house, it will show what someone needs from a partner and whether or not is is easy to adapt to partnership, this is indicated by the flexibility of that sign. We should never forget that Libra represents the cosmic scales of BALANCE and every relationship needs  just that to maintain any form of longevity and respect.

What ever zodiac sign we find in the 7th (even if empty look at the sign on the cusp to tell you this), if it matches a partners sun sign, it will represent an inner picture of an ideal partner. Planets inside this house ( and the planet that rules the cusp) highlights those expectations and needs and heighten or restricts our adaptability.

Here in the next two blogs will be briefly exploring how each of the 10 planets and Chiron the asteroid are affected by being found in the 7th house! 

 Sun:  This is a non adaptive placement. This person NEEDS to have a partner. The individual may take on a masculine role such as a "father" or the partner may represent these paternal energies.

Moon: This is an adaptive placement. Close emotional ties are necessary with the moon being in the 7th house. It is security oriented and needs to partner to be emotionally available. This partner may reflect a nurturing quality.

Mercury: This is an adaptive placement. Mental rapport and intellectual exchange is needed by the partner here.  Talking may be more important than physical sexual presentation.

Venus: This is an adaptive placement. Venus needs to be in a relationship and can be somewhat demanding, dependent on a partner, especially when it comes to needed approval. A charming, sociable and beautiful or handsome mate is appreciated. *Karma is around this placement.

Mars:  This placement is non adaptive. These relationships are energetic and outward focused. Relationships could end suddenly due to disagreements. An assertive partner may be sought after by this placement but it could cause a lot of "warring."

Jupiter: Adaptive. The self expands through relationships and attracts partners and mentors.  Jupiter always over emphasizes and causes one to indulgence and go over the top. A confident partner is sought after.

Do you know if you have planets in your 7th house? If so what are they?

~ Moon Child


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