Saturn Retrograde in Libra (Sidereal placement)

Planet Saturn

The planet Saturn begins its retrograde motion in the sign of Libra on Monday, February 18 until July 7.  Many people who are familiar with retrogrades find them frightening or something to look forward to with dread. This perspective can be changed once we truly allow ourselves to understand the importance of retrograde periods. Retrograde periods are a period of rest and introspection, providing us with the opportunity to view, correct and to assess if moving forward in any particular direction is to our advantage or disadvantage. It is when we allow ourselves this time of of introspection we can find out what needs to be corrected to provide us with the best possible outcome when Saturn turns direct, which usually happens 2 to 4 days after the retrograde period!

Saturn, is naturally the ruler of  the zodiac sign Capricorn and the tenth house in the astrological wheel, symbolizes goals, responsibilities, restrictions and limitations. This is a time to reflect on any sources of frustration in your life caused by you experiencing any of these emotions in your life. Also, it should be noted that Saturn is also about responsibility and it is here that we can feel a sensation of being "bogged down" or hindered by another or by something we do not wish to give our attention or energy too.  If this happens you will experience a sensation of "lack."  Revisiting this emotion and what it is connected too in your life can bring an advantage to you and anyone else involved. Planets connected to your Saturn either in your birth chart or in your transits can specifically pin point where the frustration is coming from and possibly from whom. A reading will illuminate all this accurately. 
Glyph of Saturn in astrology

Keep in mind that now is not considered a good time to start new projects but rather to finish up any business left unattended. Saturn in Libra provides us a time to set goals related to ambition and excellence; perhaps these goals themselves are what need to be re-evaluated?

Libra seeks balance in all things it touches
Because Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Libra, it is all about RELATIONSHIPS, it is here we are trying to maintain balance. This is a call to evaluate how we are relating to others, ourselves, groups, organizations, our jobs etc. Going retrograde will provide each of us with valuable insights into relationships that we are either called to heal, act with a higher level of integrity, responsibility and to gain maturation in. Saturn is the planet of maturity, growth and wisdom. If we are not handling our relationships responsibly they will undoubtedly reflect that truth and a sense of burden, frustration and limitation will ensue! Retrograde Saturn is a calling for us to mature and to get it "right" for our highest good!  Lastly, Saturn is the God (Goddess, another blog) of MARRIAGE. So, if married are you using all of the positive expressions of this Planet? If "married" to something else, are you operating at your highest level of integrity?

~Moon Child


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