New Moon Phase Goddess: Black Madonna (2/10/13)

The Black Madonna with Divine Child
Our Goddess of this New Moon phase on February 10, 2013 is the "Black Madonna." 
Not a Goddess that is spoken of as much as some other Goddesses, I was called by her stature, power, forthright nature to share her energies and worth with you Goddesses, this moon phase.  In another blog I speak in detail about the New Moon in Capricorn (If you haven't read it please do). 
 Let me share again a few energy signatures of this placement: Hard work, security, seeking excellence, integrity, ambition, and foundation.

The Black Madonna carries all such energy but with such magnetic force that if we are not careful it can be overwhelming to others but also to ourselves.  This is a Goddess to be reckoned with, she's done the work necessary to be respected and gain recognition.

Here the New Moon energies are carried out by the Black Madonna being a mother, having given birth, a virgin birth she is the patroness of what was once seeded and brought into fruition. No doubt giving birth to something, even a child is hard work and requires, security, protection and nurturing. All Moon and Capricorn energies.  The confidence in which she sits on her THRONE with her DIVINE child on her lap denotes calming and purposeful power and a sense of integrity that boggles the mind! Here I sense stability, trust and a worthiness that was earned after hard work and diligence for her to be nothing other than HERSELF.

Often times with the energies of the moon we find ourselves feeling down and out about what we don't have instead of working with what we've got. We often will feel that what we NEED has to come outside of ourselves (nurturing mother) in order for us to feel safe, cared for and complete. Although for many individuals, having such nurturing would feel beneficial,  but keep in mind, it is not always necessary. For many of us finding out and expressing all of what we are without any apologies is what allows us to rise to the top of our own mountain and therefore obtain excellence, evolution and stature. All we need to do is look within and believe we have what it takes to get there. 

When need to give ourselves permission to believe we belong there and then create a plan of action to make it our reality.
The Black Madonna and Divine child

These new moon energies in combination with the Capricorn/Saturn energies calls for us to tap into all of ourselves. Deep, probing and desiring to be acknowledged so we can live our lives gracefully, confidently but also in power. The Black Madonna, pulls each of us out of the safety zone of our doubts, fears and pent up nurturing needs. The Black Madonna calls you into the whole of your gifts, purpose and potentials into a world that truly needs your whole expression and will provide you with the courage required for you to achieve anything your higher self is called to master. It stands up, speaks out, in whatever ways are appropriate to you!  

~ Moon Child


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