New Moon: Feb. 10, 2013 Capricorn (Sidereal)

New Moon in Capricorn February 10, 2013@ 12:22 AM
The New Moon in Capricorn is a powerful moon that invokes the emotions for new beginnings  with the intention of acquiring hope, vision, integrity and excellence.  Because the Moon is about nurturing, this energetic combination is one that will require discipline, excellence, hard work and foresight. Capricorn has work to do in this moon phase, basically what it is providing anyone who feels this moons intensity, is a practical and straight forward execution of energies that tap into our emotional realm and pushes us to "get the job done" from the previous new moon in Jan. 2013.

Let's recall that the Jan. 2013 New Moon and the subsequent moon phases there after was a call for us to plant new seeds of "TRANSFORMATION."  Recapping those energies from the last new moon, to the full moon, the last quarter moon, we have been called to do a lot of releasing, cleansing and changing.

This New Moon brings affirming power through that entire process by applying those energies, thoughts, behaviors, molding them into something tangible.  In short, this moon is about APPLICATION.

Let me explain further. Let's briefly recap the New Moon's purpose in our lives.  If you recall the New Moon brings us the opportunity to access and work on these desires: Remember it's about seeding potential, what do I wish or desire to have more of in my life. When we began this journey it was about releasing the old to bring in the NEW. Sounds a bit complicated but that is what the universe was asking for. Here we can see what opportunities are available for us in the New Moon Phase.
  •  Self-improvement (taking classes)*
  • Finding a new job or a job period (stability and financial security)*
  • Love and Romance (seeking, desiring, needing or creating enduring relationships) *
  •  any new endeavors or projects (anything that requires hard work and excellence)*
* energies of Capricorn and Saturn for THIS New Moon phase.

Now let's take a brief look at what sign the New Moon phase is in. That will tell us a lot about what energies we'll be working with to get some of those seeds planted, therefore putting all of that cleansing to good use that we've done over the past few weeks.

One of the glyphs of Capricorn

The Zodiac sign is in Capricorn (Sidereal). Capricorn when connected to our emotional and psychic moon energies is going to display our NEEDS through hard work, discipline, and trust worthy behaviors. This will seed confidence, emotional support and stability. Capricorn brings us the gift of  hard work and through that hard work, it seeks to possess excellence and prominent recognition.  When we look at what the New Moon brings we can focus on some form of self improvement, putting our efforts into finding new or gainful employment, in the area of love and romance we can seed relationships making them stable, honest, and secure our foundation (perfect for Valentine's Day energies!!) in maintaining that energy for endurance and we can begin any new projects with excellence, hard work and obtain the "big pay off" , whatever that may be if we stay focused and disciplined.

Now that we've looked at the New Moon, what the New Moon brings, the zodiac sign of Capricorn, let us look at the planet that rules Capricorn to see how we are going to tie in all of these new opportunities.
The planet Saturn

Saturn is the Planet that rules Capricorn and this planet will tell us HOW we can achieve this purpose. Saturn in short is about: Structure, limitations, repressions, discipline and fear. Uh oh! Did I say "repressions?" Did I say "Fear?"  Yes I did.  This is where our moon energies come out to play with Saturn! This planet is about KARMA. It forces us through life's circumstances to FACE any fear, limitations and restrictions we have that are basically holding us back from achieving excellence and recognition through hard work and discipline. Since we are playing with the moon, our NEEDS are being brought into the fore front by our fears of not getting nurtured, loved or emotionally understood.  Also, by not FEELING as though we are worthy to obtain that "prize" by all of that hard work and effort. Yes, Saturn brings all of that out. Once we can sit down and pin point where these feelings come from, we can then begin to put them into perspective (Capricorn) and work through them with practical diligence, so that we remove the fear ( false reality) and push forward to get what we need!
Sacred #7

Lastly, I think it's also beneficial for me to talk about the sacred number or degree the New Moon will be in! I won't go into what degrees are or how they are used in astrology (can be confusing) but I will disclose that Sacred numerology has been around since woman/man was able to record time. Numbers carry power and significance.  We have a 7 degree Capricorn. This number makes the energies much more powerful due to the skill set of the number 7, let's see how we can benefit from it.

The number 7 is a very powerful sacred spiritual number:
  • A loner ( have to get that work done!)
  • An enigma ( dance to the beat of your own drum)
  • Observant ( watches diligently so find the best course of action and relationships)
  • Discovery (nothing that is worthy will remain unseen or hidden)
  • Withdrawn & Reclusive ( not much of a follower or socialite; deep soul)
  • Dignified ( excellence and the teacher (Saturn)
  • Knowledgeable ( researcher and scientific mind)
Sounds like to me this sacred number is working in unison with Capricorn and Saturn energies for our New Moon. These are related energy signatures for both this sign and planet. Shows me the universe is never wrong!

I hope you have found this information beneficial?  Please share if you are currently working on any of what was discussed in this blog!
I would love to hear some feed back! Love to all! ~ Moon Child


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