Mars in the zodiac signs

Mars in Aries
Mars in Aries
Brash assertion, bold, aggressive and virile

Mars in Taurus
Tenacious, determined, immovable, obstinate, can be stubborn

Mars in Gemini
Mars in this sign is versatile and assertive verbally, changeable, highly strung

Mars in Cancer
Cautious, emotionally demanding, fiercely, protective, and can be considered crabby

Mars in Leo
This is dramatic assertion, self confident, creative, lusty, proud and quick to make decisions

Mars Virgo
Quietly assertive, restrained, cautious, can lack vitality, hard working and this sign can be practical

Mars Libra
Libra is not very affection in Mars due to it not being very assertive, adaptable, persuasive, laid back

Mars Scorpio
This assertion is powerful, attractive, sexy and unstoppable, this placement can also be jealous and has a strong libido

Mars Sagittarius
Boisterously assertive, enthusiastic, energetic, bold and tactless with a tendency to exaggerate

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn
Assertively ambitious, determined, practical and relentless, and a powerful sex drive

Mars Aquarius
Assertion her is erratic, strong willed, idealistic, can be radical and unpredictable

Mars in Pisces
This assertion is fluid, not all that consistent, self sacrificing, imagination and can be easily side tracked.


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