Lust & Mars

The planet Mars
Female Warrior~Mars energy

The next series of installments will cover the planet Mars. Mars is definitely important when speaking about the planet Venus. Mars is her companion, without him she can't gt what it is she wants. Mars provides her with the WILL to move forward and get the  job done! Venus is want and her counter part Mars is the planet of passion, primitive and initiatory response to the outside world. Where Mars is placed in the chart will show where a lust for conquest and survival are strong instincts.  Mars is concerned with virility, passion, masculinity and potency.

Mars is all about energizing whatever it is it touches. When it connects it activates it and causes it to move forward. However, although action is appropriate in most cases it can be a hindrance when not expressed with discernment and caution. Whatever sign Mars is connected to will show how Mars will ACT!

Sexuality is expressed via Mars energy!  Mars calls for how we want to have sex, what turns us on. Each sign that is represented by Mars can show what makes us comfortable in our sexual expression.

For men, Mars shows us how comfortable he is with his masculinity and what he projects out to the women in his life. For women Mars shows what type of man a woman attracts and is attracted towards.

Here are some key words in regards to what Mars can bring to the table in an astrology chart.

Competitive, impatient, aggression, crude, sexually charged, lustful, physical passion, Volcanic, honest, forthcoming, self preservation.


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