Love & Lust: Venus Introduction (hetero/same sex)

Now is the time to captivate you with Venus as the planet of Lust. In previous blogs I provided a bit of insight into the nature of Venus in sun signs, (look through blog list to find out how Venus acts in love for you!) now it's time to focus on what she truly stands for LUST!  Society has duped people about this planet and archetype, she is most known for being the planet of LOVE and although she does represent this aspect, Venus is much more than just love. She is the epitome of lustful desires and because of that she determines what gets one all "riled up" when meeting someone for the first time and you feel like you've been hit by a mack truck!  Venus carries the intention and the power of our desires and she will not be stopped until she satisfies them. More importantly what needs to be noted is that just because she gets what she WANTS, once her DESIRES are satiated, that doesn't mean that LOVE is forth coming, in fact it can painfully be quite the opposite! That is why it is so important to make sure you are clear about what you DESIRE and not to mistake the passion of the moment for LOVE. Love is long lasting and it endures the tests of time. Depending on which sign fall in connection with Venus will determine if this path to ever lasting love with be one of ease or of challenge. Lastly, I need to specify any aspects or "connections" in your birth (natal) chart to Venus will also determine ease, challenge, karma or misunderstanding. ~Moon Child~

_________________________Venus for Women and Men

When relating Venus with a partners Sun, Moon or Mars indicate that both parties wills hare similar sexual desires & values. It shows that lust is expressed in compatible ways.  If however, there are other factors that don't support this ease in relating, it can make for an uncomfortable, misunderstood, long-term relationship. Other Venus connections may be exciting but only for a short while, meaning that love has difficulty in lasting for very long. These are considered passionate AFFAIRS.  NOT to fear, even in these kinds of relating if other factors in the charts support it, a sexually stimulating, fun and life long relationship can occur. No, astrology is not your daily horoscopes in the newspaper, Internet or magazines, this art and science digs deep! In fact many marriages are determined by the astrology chart. In Hindu culture a chart is cast at the time of the child's birth and depending on class, the child's marriage partners are chosen based on the information provided in the charts. In Medival times, royality used this practice. It was to ensure that the blood lines endured and it was understood that a lasting union needed to occur in order to make that happen. More on that another time! 

In a woman's chart Venus will show the feminine archetype that she embody. For example, if a woman's Venus is in Aries, she may like to wear sports outfits, dress casually during the day and at night become the vamp! Venus is Aries tends to love the color red as this color is the signature of action!

In a man's chart Venus will shows and describes the type of woman he will be attracted too, as well as his inner anima, which are the feminine qualities of his nature that he will project on to his "ideal woman."
Venus same sex love bear
How Venus operates in same sex attractions:

Keep in mind that these archetypes play themselves out in the same manner in same sex relations. There is no difference. When reading Venus/signs for same sex attraction, Venus is the archetype that a woman uses to attract other women. This is how she feels comfortable in expressing herself and attracting her partner.

For men who love men, Venus will show his hidden anima and his attraction of that anima he will project onto his partner.


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