Last Quarter Moon~Goddess Paivatar

The Last Quarter Moon phase is one that is not yet completely dark. She is illuminated on one side signifying the need for BALANCE and the integration of both energies. Light and Dark.
Last quarter moon phase

The dark side of this moon phases is one of "not knowing", we can not see what is before us due to the light at the end of the tunnel "seeming" to be so far away. It is here in the darkness where we meet the core of our soul, our true inner selves as we reach for the light. Understanding who we are and gathering all of our strength to clear away any shadow we need to purify is done in this moon phase.

This moon phase begins it's intense process of clearing away shadow, allowing each of us to find our own inner strength and to wait for the light to break on February 3, 2013; EST 8:56 AM. The season of winter symbolizes the "dark night of the soul." Think about this, the weather is frigid, unyielding in it's bitterness, dark and the earth is naked. This too is a reflection of  the Last Quarter Moon. She is desolate but not without HOPE. This moon phase increases in intensity for 9 days. I would gently ask yourself, What is it your seeking to discover and uncover about yourself that you can gain recognize it, integrate it or destroy it during this Moon phase?
Paivatar~ Finnish Goddess of the Moon

Discovery, Acceptance and Release are the energies of this Moon Goddess.

The Finnish Goddess Paivatar holds the key and the power of RELEASE. Paviatar has a unique story. She was held captive against her will, thrown into the sun, where as a moon Goddess those that sought to harm her, knew she would perish. However, all alone and caring for another, she held strong, dug deep and changed her circumstances by holding onto the discovery of her true nature, accepting who is IS and then releasing the negative energies that were being thrown her way.  By doing this Paivatar RELEASED those things that no longer served her or those she came into contact with. Paivatar became the great "spinner" where she could take the illusion and disillusion of man kind and seek CHANGE by her own actions. She became the great "cosmic weaver" and thus was granted permission to be associated with the sun and the moon. We can surely learn our lessons from Paivatar by taking those things, places or people who no longer belong in our most intimate places and RELEASE them. 

If we find ourselves holding onto behaviors, jobs, relationships, people, places, thoughts and things for the sake of "not knowing" we are in fact blinded by our darkness.

Some Examples: 
  • Behaviors ( repeating patterns that cause us harm and make us unhappy)
  • Jobs (staying in a job only for the money, not tapping into your destiny)
  • Relationships ( engaging in toxic relationships with partners or "friends" that don't truly love you)
  • People ( allowing others to define you, instead of your higher self shining through)
  • Places ( time to move? Move out of the presence of another that is holding you back? A city or state that is not supportive of what you have to offer the world or need)
  • Thoughts ( looping negative patterns in your mind and then acting them out without thinking)
  • Things (seeking money just for amassing material wealth, not sharing, rigid)
This darkness is our own. We created it and Paivatar is teaching us, providing us with the lesson that even in the midst of darkness and fear, we can discover, accept and release everything and anyone who does not have our best interests at heart, thus becoming the "Great spinners and cosmic weavers", of our own world and our own lives!

How has Paivatar resonated with YOU?

~ Moon Child


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