Last Quarter Moon in Virgo~ Sidereal astrology

The last quarter moon phase which starts on February 3, 2013 ushers in a moon that provides us with analyzing, intellectual pursuits, discipline, order and control is what Virgo Moon ushers in.

What purpose does the Moon serve? Now it's important to note that the energies of the moon rule our emotions, our needs, our unconscious and what kind of nurturing we received or didn't receive as children. The moon symbolizes our mother in astrology and this means that what ever sign the moon is in at the time of your birth, is how you viewed your mother or nurturer while growing up. Now that may seem simple but truly it's not. The manner in which we responded to our mothers or nurturers while growing up has a direct affect on how we will respond to others as we become adults. Something to think about.
I visit this topic in my up and coming astrology classes coming to you in 2013 *stay tuned*

For now let's move onto Transiting Virgo Moon in the Western Sidereal Format! 

Along with the Last Quarter phase Virgo is analyzing what we don't NEED. She is picking things, people and thought patterns apart, and the putting them back together so that we can use them properly.  With Virgo being a mutable earth sign, she's not necessarily standing firm or still while doing this. She's all over everything, like a homing device, intuitively pulling all of our shadow out into the open to be on display. This is the process of DISCOVERY. Once we discover what we need to let go of, when can begin the process of ACCEPTANCE. Once we accept what no longer serves us, we can heal by RELEASING. Once we decide to let GO of who, what, when, or where in our present or future be-ing we can begin to engage in healing.

What makes Virgo's connection with the moon even more astonishing is that Virgo serves, she is also about the process. Usually about 2 to 3 days  BEFORE a moon phase we are already in the PROCESS of discovering what we don't need. We find the answers by what we've been engaged in or with whom during the pre-phase. Usually it culminates during the 9 days of the moon phase but can end at any time. The moon is about healing, or at least that is one of her aspects. The moon provides us healing once we have discovered what no longer serves and we get to thank Virgo for all of that. Lastly, an additional gift of Virgo is that she is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is all about intellectual thought, communication and relating via the mind and mouth. With Virgo intellectualizing our inner process of letting go, we can use this gift of the mind, (Mercury) our emotions, (moon)and our innate healing (Moon) and come out a winner. Virgo is truly an astrological angel by being mutable (multi-tasker) and earth we get a dust storm of clearing emotional baggage, knee jerk reactions, thought patterns, people who do not nurture us, and childhood pain! I say that's a pretty amazing gift indeed.
Virgo wheel

Of course it is always good to know that we have to work at understanding ourselves and how our galaxy affects us innately. This is just a reading of the Moon in Virgo in the Last Quarter Moon phase. If you are interested knowing who you are on a cosmic level, please contact me, Moon Child for a reading!

~Moon Child~


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