Full Moon Goddess~ Feb. 25, 2013~ SEKHMET

That time is upon us again! I felt compelled by looking at this full moon to write about the Goddess of Egyptian Pantheon Sekhmet! , she came to mind immediately! I have had many mental orgasms about this prolific feminine deity who has made such a powerful presence in my own life and  who made such a power impact on Egyptian culture and worship.  This deity was so revered that she was known as the Goddess of fertility, war, death, protection, strength, and willpower. 
The full moon is in full effect on Feb. 25, 2013 @ 3:26 PM EST  and lasts roughly 7 days gathering in strength and slowly winding down as we enter into a new phase in the next 14 days. Now wouldn't you know that she's in her own sign the LION! That is right this full moon we are experiencing is in 1 degree of Leo (sidereal) and if anyone knows what the sign of Leo stands for is THE LION!

Sekhmet is looking regal as ever in the cosmos tonight. She's making some harsh aspects to the planets she's around though, calling for much opposition! The most powerful aspect I see her making is a call to see ourselves in others. With the Moon representing what it is we need, Sekhmet is asking us to empower and embody her source of power, will and strength. All Leo attributes, but mostly importantly these are what we NEED when expressed in the MOON'S energy. What do we need in Leo? We need to give ourselves permission to be grand, glorious, creative and engage in activities that bring us PLEASURE AND ALLOW US TO HAVE FUN. We have had some heavy hitting transiting planets in the cosmos since the very beginning of 2013,  it's time to have some fun! Life can be a celebration. We've been doing some hard work and it's time to tap into our creative function. Shine bright and shine like the star you are. 
Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet is the Goddess of power, but most importantly it's inner power. Not an egotistical power. Tapping into our inner power can provide us with the strength to have some fun in life and to feel free. With the universes light all upon us, so much so that when others see our joy in this child like expression, we give others permission to do the same, creating an expression of HEART FELT LOVE and energetic self nurturing and adoration. This gives us golden wings to fly!

Getting back to that aspect that this Leo full moon is making, sorry I got side tracked with the beauty of this message, Venus is in Aquarius at 3 degrees opposite Leo Moon 1 degree (Sidereal), what does this mean? Simply or not so simply this means that our relationships, usually those we attract for romantic purposes or just women are going to be tested for about a 2 week period. Will we give ourselves the nurturing we need to celebrate ourselves fully, engaging in all of that heart dance, while the "other", yep this Venus  in Aquarius is about loving or engaging with everyone but YOU. Venus in Aquarius is not usually around long enough to celebrate anything with us and if she does, it's fleeting and quick, not enough time given to dig fully into that Full Moon Leo light! 

If this occurs, what message is Sekhmet asking you to embody? Remember that inner power, strength and will? This is the time to keep shining that light while Venus is off doing her thing with friends, groups, and possibly organizations. This may be a time for YOU to nurture YOURSELF. If you find yourself in that moment embrace it and know that when this is all over, you would have learned how to love yourself more deeply and fully, releasing toxic, stagnate energy and providing yourself with new fertile ground waiting to be reborn! Then engage that lover or girl friend again, and bring the relationship back into "We" balance.

~Moon Child~


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