Elemental Attractions: Fire, Water, Air & Earth

Elements of astrology: Air, fire, water & earth
The patterns of relating are complex. However, there are simple discoveries that will allow one to find out by knowing the sun sign of an individual to see if you can experience general compatibility. I know, I know how often have I said that sun signs are not enough for one to determine full and true compatibility? That is true! You can't know unless you delve deeper into each chart.

But for fun if you can discover the element of each sun sign you can find out if you both will have favorable energies to at least maintain attraction.  Below you will find all of the signs in association with the elements! Next time you ask someone what their "sign" is, it can afford you a whole new meaning! Have fun with it.

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Now let's see how these elements respond to one another!

Fire with Fire: A passionate pairing but could burn out just as fast as the attraction started

Fire & Earth: Sexual and lustful desire burns white hot, but that is until the routines of the earth element burns out the fire. Each element may find it challenging to adapt.

Fire & Air: Lust ignites fast but air might ruin this union by talking too much or passion burns out fast.  Long term commitment is difficult.

Fire & Water: This energy creates either scalding hot steam or a dampness. Water finds itself difficult to cope in this union, fire is independent and hurt feelings appear.

Earth & Earth: This is a long, slow and sensual relationship, that is when they eventually come together long enough to admit it. These are totally loyal individuals and would find it difficult to be apart.

Earth & Water: This is a sensual pairing, there two either engender an enduring partnership or an emotional and unmoving union. Both are two placid to argue.

Earth & Air: The air element thinks that earth is too serious. Earth is exasperated by air's frivolity, but this cold be the rock or grounding that earth needs.

Air & Air:  In this relationship they can be all talk. The sex wold be inventive, that is if they ever stop talking. Innovative sex, like telephone sex may be useful or desired.

Air & Water: This can be a challenging union. Air uses it time to explain through discuss what it thinks, but water wants to show how it feels.

Water & Water: This shows life long empathy, emotions can run deep and bind these two together. Even when this couple leaves each others placements the emotional ties can  remain.

Please share how this works for you! 

~ Moon Child


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