7th house relationships Pt. 2

Saturn: This is a non adaptive placement.  This partner wants deep security and stability, although there may be some apparent restrictions. The partner must be dependable and may be a bit older.  Karma here is unfinished business.

Chiron: This is an adaptive placement. The partner may be wounded or wound.  A healing relationship is sought.

Uranus: This is a non adaptive placement. Freedom here is very important, which can make this placement a "divorce" placement. This placement needs a lot of balance concerning "togetherness" and "independence." If the partner does not grow with the person who has this placement, leaving that partner may be  more beneficial for growth. The partner is most inevitably seen as unusual or different.

Neptune:  This is an adaptive placement. This placement can reflect illusion, delusion and fantasy.  The partner can be idealized and idolized and appear to be "perfect." Until flaws are revealed.  The partner must be sensitive and romantic.

Pluto: This is a non adaptive placement.  This placement can be emotionally demanding. It can show power plays and issues with abuse. A partner who is powerful or in some form of power is sought after.

Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Do you know what planets are in your 7th house? 

~ Moon Child


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