Who am I? I AM Moon Child

If you know me personally, you will know that I own a variety of gifts,  I have a strong passion for providing loving awareness to souls who are seeking it. I find that the path of self awareness and spiritual awakening is a profound one, one that will provide the soul with many opportunities of further growth, both on an inner level, and an outer one.

MOON Child-High Priestess of the MOON

Along my intense journey of over 13 years, I have discovered a passion and an intrinsic connection to many paths, having been initiated into 4 earth based spiritual practices, Sisters of Hoodoo (herbal and spiritual medicine), Bakindaa (root of all the African diaspora) and Daughters of the Moon (High Priestess) and finally, A medicine woman (Sha-men) although of the Native Indian path, this is a combination of all cultures. I have been ordained as a Minister in the Spiritualist Universal Life church, I have a degree from the University of Metaphysics, I am also trained as a spiritual numerologist, Totem card reader, psycometry, a chakra teacher, and one of my absolute favorites, a Master astrologer! I have 2 traditional degrees in Early Childhood Development and Community Service w/ an emphasis on women's studies. Whew! Yes, I've been busy.

After 13 years of placing my feet on the path of "spiritual seeker", I truly do believe that this is my calling! With the vision of creating a sacred temple where women can come to get all that they need in regards to their healing and self exploration: Tantra education, SPA time and this includes Makeup work by myself or by another certified MUA, turning the love of makeup into art via face and body painting, spiritual instruction, spiritual readings, music, I push forward by seeding this goal with astrological interpretation! By stepping forth in my skills and sharing them with YOU and the world!

Specifically I am in LOVE with astrology. I have and still use this art and science in my own life for healing purposes over 9 years ago! I have never looked back or doubted it's purpose, it's gift or it's power. I have gained clients on my journey from tropical astrology, lost some when I left it, and gained even more as the world begins to open itself up to the power and accuracy of Western Sidereal astrology.

Many of you may wonder if I have gotten any "training" in astrology? I can honestly say Yes! Although even as a pre-teen I have had a avid interest in astrology, it wasn't until 2005 when it really took root! I found classes at a local astrology college, got taught by two of the finest astrologers and moved on when I discovered the truth about Sidereal astrology. Now this blog is not to argue or debate with other astrologers who choose to use Tropical astrology. My purpose is to bring W. Sidereal astrology to the light by providing a reading that is so accurate that it will give souls permission to "get" the whole picture of who they, instead of just bits and pieces. That's my experience and my vision. A a deeply spiritual woman who is so passionate about astrology, integrity is imperative to my function!

My next phase of astrological application is to learn Esoteric Astrology. This is the in depth approach to studying and teaching about the soul's work in this life! I find that when I look at a chart I often see both the mundane and the soul at work within an individual. For that reason alone the angels are giving me the "calling" to learn it and share it with the world! 

So without further adieu I welcome you to my blog! Enjoy! Please comment, ask questions and share!

Namaste~ Moon Child~ Master Western Sidereal Astrologist.


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