The Zodiac signs in love Pt. 3

The Zodiac signs in love continued..... next we have Libra

Libra "The winsome lover"
Erogenous zones: Buttocks, eyes, ears, mouth, lips and skin
Turn ons: Being in love, sensuality, sophistication, harmonious surrounds, mental stimulation
Aphrodisiacs:  Perfume, candles, strawberries, champagne
Fantasies: The ideal lover is one that enjoys mental stimulation, almost more than actual touch poetry, art, long picnics together
How to make it work:  Remember when discussing issues to remain diplomatic and open to different view points, don't expect Libra to choose sides

Photo provided by Deviant Art "Snow white dominatrix" 

Scorpio "The Jealous Lover"
Erogenous zone: Genitals, groin and anus
Turn ons: Massage, power, pain, bondage, leather and sexy under wear, dominance and sadism
Aphrodisiacs:  Pomegranates, asparagus, leather and lobster
Fantasies: Those that are darkly erotic and taboo in society
How to make it work: Don't try to reveal or unlock Scorpio's secrets, you'll get met with a hit of that stinger!

Sagittarius "The adventurous lover"
Erogenous zones: Hips and inner thoughts
Turn ons: Shared ideas and erotic locations
Aphrodisiacs: Luggage, foreign trips, ice cream, foreign foods that are spicy
Fantasies: Travel and escape from the dullness of everyday routines, horses
How to make it work: Provide a lot of space for your Sagittarius and freedom


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