The Zodiac signs in Love~ How do you act? Pt. 2

Here we are back again for part 2 of the Zodiac signs in Love.... enjoy!

Cancer "The Caring Lover"

Erogenous Zones: Nipples, breasts, chest and stomach
Turn ons: Cuddles and being needed, oral sex
Aphrodisiacs: Moonlight, long walks by the beach, avocado, sea food and grapes
Fantasies: Intensely private and romantic sexual encounters with a monogamous partner, enjoying sex near or in the water, for women being taken care of by her man and for men being nurtured by his woman ( can flow both ways for woman to woman and man to man)
How to make it work: Share your feelings, cancer is about feelings so if you share yours they will be more inclined to open up to you, provides lots of reassurance they are needed and loved, cuddles are good for this, and always remember special dates, birthdays and anniversaries.

Leo " The proud lover"

Erogenous Zones: Lower back and shoulders
Turn ons: Admiration and flattery, stroking or clawing the back during sex
Aphrodisiacs: Gold, being the center of attention in a crowd, bananas, the sun
Fantasies: Being dominated
How to make it work: Admiration, adoration, and flattery, Leo needs to feel special

Virgo " The discerning lover"

Erogenous Zones: The mind, skin and extremities
Turn ons: Massage, erotica, nibbling on fingers and toes, nurse uniforms
Aphrodisiacs: Cleanliness, showers, baths, ginseng, celery and rubber
Fantasies: Orgies, porn movies, masturbation, bathrooms
How to make it work: Try to be the best you can be

Stay tuned.... ~ Moon Child~


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