The Zodiac signs in LOVE how do YOU act?

Love is in the air come February of every year, and although our society tends to go into over drive for commercial gain, it's truly a time of great excitement, anticipation, beginnings and sometimes endings.

Venus is usually the focus for love during this "holiday" but really it's more at work here than just the planet of WANT.   I have done many readings where love is begun and can be just as quickly ended without something anchoring the couple in place. This anchor is usually the much dreaded Saturn but it's needed to allow us to experience this wonderful, romantic, passionate expression. So, whether it is pain or the promise of bliss she brings, Venus and the word Love are synomyous.

Here in this blog I decided to talk about the Sun signs in love and how they act, what the want, and how to keep the fires stoked. I will be writing about all of the 12 zodiac signs in the next few weeks, all with the focus on erotic love, heart love and agape love! Make sure to keep coming back for updates!!

*Please remember that although this information is accurate, it may not be specifically so for all individuals there are many factors in a chart that determines how we act, or react to the emotions of "love" so these descriptions are in general.

Aries "The Ardent Lover" 

Erogenous Zones: Ears, hair, nape of the neck and tongue. Can love to have hair pulled.
Things that turn them on: Smoldering looks, they tend to love the color red, the women wearing it and the men seeing it on, tend to love sexy underwear and being on TOP.
Aphrodisiacs:   Foods, ginger and tomatoes and some Aries love leather
Fantasies: While it's not commonly spoken about, Aries are highly romantic, they enjoy fast and furious sexual encounters, the women like Prince Charming and the men to be the Prince.
How to make it work:  Act defenseless, Allow Aries to be the one in charge, and allow them to initiate intimate moments.

Taurus "The Sensual Lover"
Erogenous Zones: The neck, ears, nose and throat (5 senses)
Things that turn them on: Taurus is a tactile creature, massage, (they love to be touched), the feel of sensual silks on the skin, delicious foods, especially if your a good cook, perfume, not too strong, subtle is best, money and having sex on luxurious sheets
Aphrodisiacs: Chocolates, truffles, Musky scents (including perfume, no flowers here) scented oils and  fine wines
How to make it work: It is never a good idea to push Taurus into anything, they don't move fast but with intention and sometimes that is slowly, Taurus is a fixed sign and does not like change very much, if you are going to change something, talk about it first and then gradually make it happen allowing your Taurus time to get adjusted.

Gemini " The eloquent Lover"

Erogenous Zones: With Gemini being a mental air sign, between the ears is best, which means communication is a turn on, fingers and toes
Things that turn them on: Erotica, as in reading it to them or having them read it out loud to you, light touch, soft porn, phone or computer sex
Aphrodisiacs: A little Gin, talking dirty, making a porn movie of their own, sshh don't tell anyone! Or will they?
How to make it work: Be a very good listener. Gemini energy loves to exchange ideas, communicate and share, the don't take it kindly if you but in or forget what they've said, be interesting, improvise and be able to change your mind, direction in an instant, the same ol routine bores them, become interested in Kama Sutra, if evolved they can take their sexual expression to another level.

More to come later! Please share, leave thoughts and comments!
~Moon Child~


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