The Zodiac in love_ Pt. 4

The zodiac signs in love pt 4 concluded... have fun!

Capricorn "The Consistent lover"
Erogenous zones: Back of the knees, neck, skin
Turn ons: Power, massage, fur and music
Aphrodisiacs: Money, classical fragrances, uniforms, caviar and fine wine
Fantasies: Earthly and erotic sexual encounters, submission and/or dominance
How to make it work: Submit gracefully

Aquarius "The dispassionate lover"
Erogenous zones: Calves and ankles
Turn ons: What goes on inside the head, light touch and body painting
Aphrodisiacs: "ganja" incense, candles
Fantasies: Anything is tried once, eccentric sex, group sex, swinging, swapping
How to make it work: Be prepared for the unexpected at all times

Pisces "The romantic lover"
Erogenous zones: Feet and the imagination (mind)
Turn ons: Being in love, being by or in water, listening to love songs, gazing into lovers eyes
Aphrodisiacs: Red roses, oysters, champagne, nutmeg
Fantasies: Life is a fantasy, submission, romantic love making
How to make it work: Romance, romance and more romance

This concludes the zodiac in love! I hope you enjoyed these brief descriptions of the sun signs in love! Please keep in mind that these are ONLY sun signs, there is a lot more needed to determine how you truly are in love! ~MoonChild~


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