The planet of love~ VENUS

Venus the planet of "love" is very famous in our society, all over the world. "She" is called by many names, Aphrodite, Isis, Ishtar, she's the lady of lust, sexual frivolities and proclivities. In a astrology chart this is the planet that usually gets most of the attention! Most people want to know about LOVE, romance and partnership. What most people don't know is that Venus actually rules what we WANT and not necessarily what we NEED. So, when we look at Venus we should look at what we want and keep that in the fore front of our minds when we find ourselves attracted to a new partner or prospect.

Cabanel "The birth of Venus" 1863
Venus rules parties, the wanton expression of sexuality, lust, desires, wants, and she usually wants what she wants when SHE wants it. She has been named the destroyer of men and the destruction of nations, able to bring a powerful man to ruin from the batting of her lashes and the promise in the sway of her hips. Because of this Venus can also represent women in a chart, usually female friendships.

This is the Goddess of Love, The Goddess of beauty. Venus rules two signs, Libra and Taurus. Venus expresses herself differently in both of these signs, but you can see her desires show up in both.

Traditional Glyph of Venus
During in a chart reading, Venus is looked at by sign, contact with other planets and house placement. This tells an astrologer what message she's trying to send to the spirit and she wants in the chart. 
With Valentines day right around the corner, it's no wonder that Venus will be on the minds of many souls in the up and coming weeks!

~Moon Child~


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