The many faces of the Goddess

Yoruba Goddess Oshun
 We are in the year 2013; A.D and I can confidently say that over the past 10 years, Goddess energy has been slowly re-awakening. The Goddess vision has seen many women embrace the path of various  teachings she has to offer.  Women have been answering the call to re-awaken, re-affirm and re-confirm natural connections that their great, great, great grandmothers had to the Goddess and fold them into their lives as their truth.  Women are in fact sensing that very ancestral  thread as a link  that can connect them to what has been so recklessly abandoned through the imbalanced expression of  patriarchal energies.  So many paths to take, so much information available but it seems that something is missing and many of our sisters have not yet been found.

But there is hope.....

As a woman who is empowered with the ability to teach the Goddess archetypes, I am even more so driven to re-connect each woman who dares enter into the temple of her own body, her own mind, her own vision and her own soul with her Goddesses. Goddess worship is so much more than just connecting to a Goddess figure. Connecting with Goddess is so much more than chants, rituals, ceremony's and song. It's about true embodiment, true connection AND true application. To connect with a Goddess or two does not mean we leave our reality but integrate their being into our reality, realistically, magically and consciously.

Greek Goddess Persephone

At any given time in our lives, from adolescents, adult hood, maturity and then old age we will embody a variety of Goddess energies, all creating a dynamic, personal and collective tapestry of who we are in this life. All of these expressions are direct representations of the Goddess lending us her power, her woes, her talents, her skills and if we can consciously tap into them we can find ourselves becoming the Masters of our own lives, creating what we desire based on our own needs, inner workings and abilities. 

So how do we put this into practice?  It is my perspective that if we give into our true nature of community we can access these energies through sacred interaction and heart felt sharing. So then do I believe that we need to reconstruct Goddess temples, Goddess circles for women, Goddess support groups, Goddess sisterhoods/ mother/daughter groups to fold these energies into our very reality? Yes I do! This is all apart of my dreams, my goals, my purpose in this life. To bring women together with the vision of allowing us to truly dig deep into the recesses of our souls and tap into that innate core and connection we naturally have with the Goddess. This vision breaks away all perceived barriers, obstacles and perceived limitations we may THINK we have concerning race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual expression/orientation! That does not belong where the Goddess energies reside. 

Hawaiian Goddess Pele

We are all ONE! Therefore I encourage you to begin to embody GODDESS energies. To play around with that truth and idea, so that you can begin to live it.  If you desire to know which Goddesses you resonate with, inquire for an astrology reading by me. I can see what energies resonate with you. 

I will be posting information about Moon phases and Goddess energies frequently, please stop back by to see which Goddesses and Moon phases resonate with you. 

Thank you for visiting! Please comment, follow, and share! 

In love of the Goddess~ and Universal peace~
Yours truly
~  Moon Child~


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