Moon Dance~ New Moon Jan. 10, 2013

New Moon
The New Moon in 29 Degrees of Scorpio (Sidereal time)
 New Moon in Scorpio @ 8:53AM EST

As we delve into this journey for the next 12 days it's important to understand what exactly the NEW MOON energies can bring all of us. First lets talk about the Moon and it's flow. Energies that are provided to us by the Moon are very quick acting, with the phases changing about every 12 days or so. With it brings opportunities for cleansing, seeding, growing. birthing, releasing and stillness.
New Moon energies are all about new beginnings. This is when you plant seeds of intention so that what you focus is birthed in the full moon phase. So, you be asking what kinds of things do I need to be seeding for the full moon?

This is where astrology comes in!

glyph of Scorpio

With the New Moon in the zodiac sign 29 degrees of Scorpio (Sidereal) we are provided with a unique opportunity of BOTH TRANSFORMING, and SEEDING. Now you may be asking how can that be possible? The sigh of Scorpio provides us with the ability to die and be reborn. Now, this is not always a literal death, but usually a spiritual "death", where we are no longer in need of particular energies that we are in fear of letting go of. These energies can be how we express our sexuality, how we use or depend on other people for money or moving from one phase of life to another, Scorpio is pushing for CHANGE. Since we are coming out of a Dark Moon phase, where we are experiencing a stillness, Scorpio is calling for one more look at what it is we plan on seeding to be birthed by the Full Moon. At 29 degrees we find that we are being called to release: being fake or disingenuous, persecuting others in order to secure our future, sidestepping obstacles and dangers in order to avoid one's karma OR you can be seeding "giving birth " to an idealistic new movement, reminding people of a truth they already know in their hearts, moving into a position of spiritual leader ship within a counter culture.  All of these energies are available, whether dark or light, that is the duality of Scorpio, this duality is expressed and experienced through deep emotional turbulence!

Right now the energies in our universe are moving rapidly, changing and shifting, Gaia is shifting, we are feeling the affects of those shifts on a massive emotional and psychological scale. Souls are leaving via death, experiencing pain and suffering through the body, individuals are experiencing heavy karmic relationships and are no longer being allowed to stay in the darkness, we are shifting  intellectually, spiritually, lies, deceit, sexual ambivalence are no longer viable to a thriving community or world. Scorpio is calling for a radical cleansing so we may yet again, like the phoenix rising, die and be born again, renewed, full of life, positive outlooks, and actions, to experience a new day.

Dawn of a new day!

Scorpio is allowing humanity to "finish" it's releasing, all the while seeding a new birth and a call to new action. Below are a few tips in how you can seed YOUR intention for the New birth in the next 12 days until the Full Moon. Until then Be well and fare well! ~Moon Child~

  • Create magic on an alter where you have one 
  • One white tea light candle
  • One small glass of white
  • One stick of incense (Frank-n-mhyrr)
Write down on a small piece of paper what you wish to or seed on one side, they can be in bullet point form, now right what you want to release on the other, fold the paper into a triangle, lay it on alter
Light the candle and incense, 
Still your inner being, close your eyes and access your third eye, (if you don't know how to do this no worries, just sit quietly with your eyes closed) and feel stillness, ground to the earth with deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth, envision what you wish to seed in your minds eye. You can do this for 5 or more minutes.

When finished allow the candle to burn until it's finished ( I recommend you burn it in a save place), put out incense and ( I recommend you keep or start a Moon folder) place your paper in a Binder, journal or better yet a MOON JOURNAL and forget about it until the Full Moon, when you should look at it again to see if you've reached any of your goals. Keep in mind that Scorpio is deeply subconscious energies, so do your seeding CONSCIOUSLY.

Comments, and experiences are welcome!


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