Jan. 27, 2013 FULL MOON IN CANCER (Sidereal)

Greek Goddess Selene-Full  Moon
Selene the Greek Goddess of nurturing, passionate healing, and strength. What a powerful full moon energy she possess to all that choose to take the opportunity to revel in her energies.
This full moon on January 27, 2013 is potent and full of nurturing energies. With the start of 2013 coming in with many shifts, endings and transformation, it's time now to NURTURE. Residing in the sign that the Moon rules, Cancer, Selene is providing opportunity for each of us to grow, nurture and develop the intention for us to love ourselves in a way that gives us what we need.
The Greek Goddess Selene is one that is moving from a young adult into womanhood. Selene offers the gift of exploration, she is the lover and bride, not yet the wife so she is free. Selene is open to the idea and the activity of empowering herself through the creative expression of her womb. Selene's yoni power is active and engaging as she has more than one lover before releasing her heart to love, and choosing only one.
What is Selene's message and gift this Full moon? It is opening our heart centers through our yoni, and for men, tapping into your nurturing hearts and emotions with power.  What many women and men do not realize is that in opening a woman's yoni to pleasure we are opening our hearts to the opportunities to love. This opportunity for love happens on both a chemical and  a spiritual level. You may be asking now how does that work? Please allow me to share with you.

A woman's yoni has three energetic parts for pleasure, release and containment. 

Yoni love
The first point of pleasure is her clitoris, this is the "button" that provides external stimulation of the heart chakra center, it receives pleasure via thousands of tiny nerve endings that activate and stimulate the process of sexual pleasure, joy and bliss.  When an orgasm occurs here, she is awakened, alive and pulsating. The sexual juices begin to flow and now she is at the first stage of chemical and spiritual euphoria.  

The second point of pleasure is the release point in the yoni, this is the G-spot. When women tap into the G-spot point, they are ready to open up to the possibilities of  receiving internal pleasure. Receiving this pleasure allows them to explore their emotions, build trust in the partner, "soften" and release trauma and give herself permission to transition past pain into bliss.  The G-spot is the succulent awakener and the tool that allows the yoni to open to her lover fully and completely. Juices here can be more wet, easily flowing and allows the yoni heart to deepen, widen and pulsate to a rhythm that allows for deepening pleasure and desire.  Understand that the G-spot orgasm is different than a clitoral orgasm.

The third point of pleasure in a yoni is the cervix . The cervix now has all of the creative juices flowing through it, throbbing with delight, bliss, pleasure and is ready to blossom fully, taking her to a point of no return. When a woman allows anyone to enter this most sacred and intimate space, it is here that her heart unfolds and yearns to blossom, full, unencumbered by pains of the past, trauma or deception. It is here where she is full and powerful.  It is here that she trusts. It is here that her creative juices, power, strength and honor are nurtured by her HEART.  It is here that the gift of containment occurs. Holding, pulsating, mixing, and churning, she is free to either release her healing and share or to contain it within this sacred space for her own transformation.  Cervix orgasms are different from clitoral and g-spot orgasm, this orgasm stimulates the process of universal creativity and once reached, washes the womb from any residual past traumas and hurts.  That is why I truly believe that it is so essential for women to be mindful of whom they allow in their sacred center- the Yoni.

The Goddess Selene is an energy that is viable to affirm at this time. With February on the horizon and so many souls being stimulated to think about, long for, desire romantic relationships, relating, karmic relationships, and seeking twin flames, this full moon energy that lasts roughly 7 days in power is key to healing. Selene's power resides in 3 days prior, day of and 3 days after of powerful culmination of seeding strength, power and passion to cleanse our sacred yoni's. With Selene we can nurture our presence in the now, release our past traumas and fully blossom, into connected, intrinsically juicy and loving women.  All the while connecting with our own inner nurturing hearts.

Men can use this power of nurturing by gaining strength in his heart center.  When men release their FEAR of truly experiencing loving another, deeply connecting with his partner, he too can unfold and blossom into his authentic self. When he realizes he has a universal given right to his own bliss, and joy by relating to his partner he can therefore receive his own needs and love fully, be present and experience life in an array of different colors and subtle yet powerful nuisances.

If led too, ask yourself these questions......

If you find your self engaged in a love affair ask yourself does this partner fulfill your needs? Does he or she nurture you? Do you find yourself completely blossoming in the presence and interaction with your lover? Does your heart open and blossom to receive the love you need and does your heart give your partner what they need? Are your receiving pleasure when engaging sexually with your partner? Is your partner attentive to your needs? When engaging with your partner do you feel joy, bliss, pleasure or feel "cleansed" when your interactions are over, whether sexual or not?

These gifts are what Selene offers you. Clarity of heart, through the portal of your yoni, with strength, honor and power.

Please share and leave a comment about your experience with this potent and powerful Goddess!

Moon Child


  1. Feel so connected to this, I can sense Selene <3


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