Hindu Goddess Kali Ma

Hindu Goddess Kali Ma

Kali Ma fierce, blue, multiple armed, beautiful yet frightening, scythes in two hands, severed scalps in others, blood thirsty and extremely powerful.

It's no wonder that to many who do not understand her energy this Goddess can seem so scary! I have had conversations with women are not of the Hindu culture ( I am not born into the Hindu culture or ethnicity) and they always seem to express a fear of Kali Ma as though her energies are so far removed from our western lives that we could not possibly relate to her. On the other side of the world to Hindi culture, Kali Ma, is the MOTHER of us all.  Yes, she is an extremely powerful force of destruction but she is innately simply about CHANGE.

Hurricane viewed from space

 Just like our earth goes through destructive changes that can upset our routines, our patterns, our lives, Kali promises that once the old energies have been cleared away, new life will have a place to grow anew. Kali is not the promise of "happily ever after", she is the promise of clearing, transformation, and rebirth, unfortunately for us mere humans, to experience such powerful forces of change can usher in moments of pain, suffering and confusion.
As a NEW MOON Goddess Kali's main energy is RE BIRTHING, SEEDING, POTENTIAL and to bring it.. CHAOS. New moon energies are dark energies because we can't yet see what it is we are going to be birthing in the full moon which is illuminated with light. The birthing process is dark, cold, wet and tight, it's not something we want to go through, it hurts, but once we make it to the light and out of the womb of change, we are reborn!

reborn baby
What does Kali have to offer really? Kali brings with her excellent judgment, penetrative insights, willpower and change. Pay attention to those signs in your life where the creator is giving you the power to make changes on your own, if you do not exercise proper judgement in moving toward renewal, Goddess Kali has no problems stepping in and turning your life upside down in order to allow you the gift of renewal. Personally I like working with Goddess Kali and not against her, it makes the process less painful and chaotic. Sometimes.

With the new year energies of 2013 carrying Kali energy, It is a time to be insightful, ask yourself what energies do you need to get rid of from the past year, 2012? A new age is dawning and with it are very cleansing, destructive and powerful energies of CHANGE. *please look at my blog on Jan 12, 2013 New Moon energies* 
Again, to incorporate the Goddess energies, we need to be consciously aware of what she's calling for us to pay attention too. If you are ever confused about what you may be experiencing, hop in my inbox and request a reading! A reading can provide you with clarity and a path to take to meet this cleansing head on. 

We've got 14 days until the FULL  MOON. Ask yourself, what is it you need to change in your life? What needs to be reborn?  What patterns need to stop? Who needs to leave your life? What job do you need to leave in order to bring in another? 

During this time I would carry Moonstone & Garnet to ease this time of renewal.

In universal love and peace
Yours truly 
~Moon Child~


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