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Heart open to love
Sadly many people can live their whole lives without true love. I know I have many family members who struggle with this very  natural act of giving and receiving... from the heart.  I have found that because they cannot love themselves, they cannot love someone else. Love for many is a black and white, blandly grey area that they only access when it suits them. Even more sadly some even feel that they do not deserve love. Often having grown up in an environment that either supported this untruth, or who may have challenges in their soul imprint that requires they evolve INTO the act of real love.  A very real fact is that without love, no matter what else you have in life, it's not enough. We need to love ourselves unconditionally in order to live fully. We were created to love, give, receive and SHARE. 
The love I'm referring to here is not just romantic but also refers to unconditional love, agape love, this is a love that many don't even believe exist.  This love encompasses a deep respect for all of life– yours and everyone else's. We are all capable of engaging in this type of love, in fact, if we can heal our self depreciating thoughts, societies false imprints, impressions and ego, what remains is pure, unconditional love, love of the self and of others.  That is who or what we are underneath all the layers of  pain, disappointment and scars that life has made us accumulate.
Although the pain is very real, we can learn how to open our hearts, safely and naturally, to love again!

Heart (Chakra) activation

Opening Your Heart To Love
There are four steps involved in opening our heart to love:
  1. Acceptance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Expression
  4. Actions

1. Acceptance
First, we have to accept that we are capable of love - pure, unconditional, selfless love! We have to seed that we can have romantic love that fulfills us and provides us with the nourishment we need to thrive. 

2. Forgiveness
Next, we have learn the ACT of forgiveness  – ourselves and everyone else, especially those whom have hurt us in the past. Learning to forgive is not a choice. We need to forgive in order to heal ourselves and make ourselves whole again. If we cannot forgive, we cannot move forward. We will continue to carry old wounds and burdens with us. When we forgive, we let go of all these wounds and burdens, and instantly feel lighter and stronger to move forward.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. It means we're willing to let go of the past and willing to give ourselves the freedom to start afresh without encumbering ourselves with the old wounds. We remember the lessons without bitterly holding on to the pain. 

There are three types of forgiveness:
  1. Forgiving those who have hurt us
  2. Forgiving ourselves for hurting others
  3. Forgiving ourselves for hurting ourselves

To open our heart to love, we must learn to love ourselves first. To do that, we need to start by forgiving ourselves for all our shortcomings and mistakes. We need to stop blaming ourselves. We stop blaming others and circumstances. It does not mean that we do not accept responsibility for our actions. What it does mean is that we recognise our weaknesses and mistakes and wish to give ourselves another chance to make our life work for us.
Forgiveness is an expression of compassion. Our compassion should not be extended to just other beings but also to ourselves. If we are not compassionate to ourselves, it is difficult to show true compassion to others. So forgive yourself and begin to Love yourself!


3. Expression
Our life is an expression of all our mental and emotional imprints. All these imprints find expression outwardly in our life sooner or later. The sooner they are expressed, the more liberating it feels. Bottled up inside, the negative imprints can grow into something potentially more harmful and malignant. We need to give these negative imprints a chance to be expressed so that we can release all the pent up energies we hold inside us – energies that can manifest physically as illnesses and emotionally as fear, anger, frustration, guilt, doubt and lack of self-esteem, self love, self awareness.
Here are some suggestions on ways to express yourself and transform negative, pent up energies into positive, liberating energies...

  1. Journaling- allows you to write down what your feeling and get it out of your head and therefore your body. It also provides you with the ability to go back and look at how much you've progressed over time.
  2. Sharing with trusted friends and support groups- provides you with an outlet to share common experiences so that you know you are not alone! Sometimes sharing provides one with unity. Just make sure that your not sitting down having a "pity party" or just engaging negative energy with others, it should always be positive and uplifting.
  3. Professional counseling or therapy- provides one with the ability to get things off "their chest" thus releasing all of the negative emotions, pain and anger. Sometimes all three modalities can and need to be used in order to successfully defuse these energies and allow love to come in your heart, seed and grow.


4. Actions
Action here refers to actual acts of loving-kindness in our lives. Like all habits, we need to integrate this into our daily lives in order for it to become a part of us.
Here are some exercises to help generate more feeling of loving-kindness towards all beings:


1. Loving-Kindness Meditation
Generating unconditional love requires effort at first. The Buddhists Metta meditation is a good meditation to help generate unconditional love towards all beings.
*Here is a link provided to get give you some information; CD's can be brought
2. Eliminating Prejudices
Universal love is unconditional and without any bias or prejudice. If you have a certain prejudice towards certain people or race, try to make an extra effort to love them unconditionally.
3. Perform an Unconditional Act of Love Daily
There are many things you can do daily to show your unconditional love. You can volunteer at your local food bank, YMCA Big brother; Big Sister, you can donate time to your church or spiritual group! Acts of unconditional love can increase your heart's vibration. Not only is it important to give daily love to others daily, it's also important to love yourself daily. Small acts of kindness towards yourself is a sure way to usher in healing and allow your heart chakra to expand. These self acts of love can be small and do not need to be expensive. It can be as easy as waking up a few minutes early to give thanks to your angels for your new day, fixing yourself a cup of your favorite tea as you wind down for the day, or even reading a good book curled up in your favorite blanket and chair. These acts of self love will increase as you open up and give yourself more.

When we engage in active healing from past hurts, we allow our heart to heal and usher in love from sources we never imagined possible. When we engage in these acts of love, the romantic love will find us, allowing us the gift of heart activation giving us the opportunity to engage with other human beings who are also ready to give and receive love from us! 

Please share your thoughts, experiences, and practices! 

~ Moon Child~



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